BMP Budget Performer Kit 1100T

14,100.00 kr16,600.00 kr

Passar 2012-Up Arctic Cat 1100 Turbo-modeller
Stora effektvinster till det bästa pris!
40-60 hästkrafter mer än original beroende på inställning/mappning
Förbättrad mappning ger snabbare respons och kraft i mellanregistret
Mycket säker och pålitlig mappning
Lätt att uppgradera
** Måste skicka in ECU till oss ** Endast 1-4 dagars leveranstid för programmering.
* Visas med Powder Lite ljuddämpare *


2012-Up 1100 Turbo Budget Bolt-On Performer Kit Innehåller: Powder Lite eller Full Velocity-ljuddämpare, BMP ECU-program, DET-sensor LED-strip och Stage 2 variatorkit.

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Looking for the most power while spending the least amount of cash? We have the perfect kit for you! We combined the bare essentials to get you big yet reliable horsepower. We start off with either our Powder Lite (louder) or Full Velocity (quieter) muffler. Both of these mufflers gain a massive 13-14 horsepower over stock. Next we add your choice of BMP ECU tunes. Our tunes are known for making the most horsepower safely. We offer the Single Stage 220 HP tune or upgrade to the 4 Stage no head stud tune. The 220 HP tune is very safe and very powerful. We don’t offer any higher Single Stage tunes because if you run into bad fuel you won’t have the option to turn down the boost and ride safely. The best choice is to upgrade to the no head stud needed 200, 220, 230, 240 4 stage tune. ECU programming includes the DET light and will raise your rev limit. We finish this great kit off with our industry leading ”THE FIX”, Stage 2 Torsion Conversion clutch kit. This clutch kit gains performance virtually everywhere and is easy to tune. You will also see much better belt and clutch life from this kit!

A simple, yet great kit to enhance performance on your 1100 Turbo! Easily upgradeable.

Ytterligare info

Ytterligare information

Vikt 8 kg

Full Velocity, Powder Lite


220hp, 240hp, Multimap 4-steg (220, 240, 260, 280hp)

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